Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sunrise, Sunset

These are by Karen Banker, the artist (and friend!) who married Robert and I. She was really our only choice for an officiant (or minister as it said on our marriage certificate). These are our first pieces of hers, and they are just so lovely.

Karen is an amazing artist. I was a fan before I was a friend. For years, I wanted to have a Karen Banker original. Now, I have two (rather petite) pieces to call my very own! (Our very own. Because I'm married. So we share them. It's all about love. And sharing. And abstract expressionism.)

For our first anniversary, Karen sent us a belated present. It was the sweetest! Three cards representing the past, present and future and a book on the history of smooching. Good stuff!

In case you're in the market for fab art, this is her website:

Thursday, May 17, 2012


In other news... My niece is gorgeous and I am really enjoying Instagram. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012


I bought these shoes despite my "Oh my God stop buying heels because you never actually wear them" rule. I will wear these heels. They are so pretty. They are also Missoni for Target, a collection I stalked on the Internet. I did not buy these shoes during the stalking. Why? Because I am a cheapskate who (almost) never actually wears heels. But also, maybe, because I knew I would find them one day for $3.75.

I also bought that awesome mug. That was an easy decision because it is awesome and giant and I do not have an "Oh my God stop buying awesome, giant mugs" rule. That rule would be ridiculous. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ninjas vs. Pirates

On the day of our first wedding anniversary, I got fingerprinted and went to the courthouse to get my criminal background checked. I also filled out lots of paperwork. It was terribly romantic. (In absolutely related news, I have a new job that starts tomorrow taking care of toddlers. Two-year-olds are terrific. Not terrible. Pass it on.)

I wore flats for the fingerprinting, but then Robert and I went out to dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant, which is also the place we had our first date, and I changed into my Ireland shoes. I bought them on our honeymoon, and they are fantastic. Some people buy big wool sweaters in Ireland. I bought crazy pattern-mixed shoes. They are my special occasion shoes, and our first anniversary is a very special occasion.

This is my thrifted Ralph Lauren polka-dot dress. It never fails me. We are going to grow old together. Just like me and my husband. This dress, Robert and I are going to be elderly sitting on a porch rocking in rocking chairs (or out eating sushi).

On our first date, Robert and I had the classic Pirates vs. Ninjas debate. I thought pirates were way more awesome. Robert sided with ninjas. When dinner came, Robert pointed out that the ninjas (sushi) and pirates (the boat) were both represented in our yummy dinner and that was probably a good sign (and I was all like "This dude totally likes me!").

Now, three years later, he's taking pictures of me for my silly blog in my favorite polka-dot dress. Ain't love grand?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mountain weekend

This one time, I went to go bike riding and the place we were renting the bikes from had a huge, snoozing potbellied pig at the door. That time was today. It was a pretty good day. 

The day before (that would be yesterday), I did my first 5k. Note I said "did" and not "ran" because "did" is vague and non-committal and "ran" implies, you know, running. I ran some. Running is hard, y'all. (Pic is of me and my dad and my sister-in-law -- the one who's married to my brother as opposed to the one who is related to my husband.)

This is the view from the porch of my parents' beautiful home in the mountains. I love the North Carolina mountains. They're old and gorgeous and full of bluegrass music (and also home to the occasional pot-bellied pig). 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's not the thing you fling, it's the fling itself

Northern Exposure: The best television show ever.

"Come to find out, it's not the vision. It's not the vision at all, it's the groping. It's the groping, the yearning, the moving forward." -- Chris Stevens, artist, disc jockey, very-tall dreamboat.