Sunday, July 27, 2014

Style Icon: Mr. Rogers

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood was my very favorite show as a little kid. I loved him. I loved the Neighborhood of Make Believe. I loved the time they went to the crayon factory. I loved, loved, loved the opera episodes.

Mr. Rogers was so accepting and loving. I actually look to him as an adult too because he had such smart things to say about kids and about kindness. Mr. Rogers was all about us all being special in our own special way. It's so true! We all are! He was also all about learning, and the summer before I became a teacher I listened to this over and over:

It was my teaching mission statement. It still is! "There are so many things to learn about in this world and so many people who can help us learn."

Plus he had great style. He was a very consistent guy. Came home, put on his cardigan and his Keds and talked to his neighbors. Mr. Rogers, he just makes me happy.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Excellent danger

"I will meet you in the dirtiest city you can dream of. We will drink cocktails so sweet they pucker our cheeks, as we perch on cracked leather bar stools. I will buy you plates of calcium and protein and we will run through the streets in excellent danger." -- Michelle Tea, The Chelsea Whistle 

(I love Michelle Tea.)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Loving It

Lately I've been loving...

1. Baby snuggles
2. Crape myrtle trees
3. Lullabies
4. Top Chef marathons
5. Baby yawns

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Remix - Maroon cardigan

Who doesn't remix clothes? I sure do! It's called having a wardrobe and getting dressed in the morning, and I've been taking pictures of my outfits for long enough that I think some remix posts are in order. First up: The humble maroon cardigan, pictured above in my favorite remix with a thrifted maxi dress and some railroad tracks. 

I bought the cardigan new when I became a student teacher. I was trying to figure out my schoolmarm style, and I knew cardigans were going to be a part of it. (Three years later -- confirmed. This schoolmarm still wears a lot of cardigans.)

I wear it mostly with dresses to work, but it also looks adorable with pants or non-work-appropriate combat boots. Really, it works with almost everything.

I wore it most recently on the blog when I was in my second trimester of pregnancy, rocking out a bird dress and some leggings for an Easter Sunday brunch. Oh the humble, maroon cardigan. It is not a showstopper, but it is so versatile and constantly wearable. I think it will be in my closet for many years to come.

Monday, July 21, 2014


This mom and her baby like the rain because it makes for cooler weather! I broke out my new-to-me splatter shirt for a visit from my family and later a walk in the neighborhood. I bought the shirt (Anthropologie via eBay) thinking I could wear it while pregnant, but then I got a little too pregnant for the shirt. It's cool. It fits my two-week postpartum body just fine.

My mom pointed out my shirt matches the elephant painting in Thomas' nursery. They're both full of artistic splatters!

Such pretty splatters! Joyful splatters! Splatters of beauty!

The painting is the first thing we bought for the nursery. The nursery itself is still a bit disorganized. Our baby came early! I was so convinced I was going to end up two weeks late and miserable! Instead, he shows up four weeks early, and I get to spend a whole extra month with him before I'm scheduled to return to work. I'll take it, Thomas. I'll take it.

It's no big deal the nursery isn't perfect yet. We have time. Right now, we hang out in our bedroom and the living room. I've been watching Anthony Bourdain travel shows and googling the cost of trips to Japan. It makes sense that I have a little wanderlust since I'm going to be planted securely inside for most of this summer with my precious baby boy. So we're making plans. Want to go to Japan in five years Thomas? How does that sound? Sounds good to me!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Style Icon: Lisa Bonet in High Fidelity

Lisa Bonet has style, doesn't she? She could really wear anything and make it look awesome.

All former '80s sitcom stars should surround themselves with candles and then start singing Peter Frampton's "Oh Baby I Love the Way." Here she is in "High Fidelity" showing those music-snob boys what's what.

And these music snob boys are all like "You are so awesome." And she's like "I know. Look at the print on my shirt. I'm like a walking painting. Look at my cool hair. I am just really amazing."

And the cherry on top of the awesome cake? Her cute blue hat, which is partially pictured here. Oh Lisa Bonet, I love your way.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Oh Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe is just so Marilyn Monroe in this wardrobe test shot for "Let's Make Love." I say we all start striking this pose anytime anyone breaks out a camera!