Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Style Icon: Cindy Lou Who

Cindy Lou Who - How cute are you? You were full of sweetness and love and you melted the heart of the meanest of Grinches. You understand the true meaning of Christmas!

That little pink nightgown and red hair ribbons? Adorable. Stylistically appealing. Classic. Simple. Loveable. And then there's the live-action version of "The Grinch"...

And Cindy Lou Who went from less is more to more is more (and when it comes to her hair -- WAY more).

Whether she's sporting a minimal or maximal style, Cindy Lou Who looks fab and spreads the joy of Christmas to the coldest of hearts!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Loving it

Lately I've been loving...

1. My baby boy and his super cute cuteness. Not loving: The fact my family seems to be constantly battling colds and losing those battles.
2. Clementines all the time.
3. Season 2 of Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries. So good! Seriously one of my favorite shows ever!
4. Cinnamon coffee. Yep. Yum.
5. Trimming the tree, old school carols, Secret Santa - loving all things Christmas including my son's candy cane pajamas!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Style Icon: Gloria Pritchett

Modern Family is one of my favorite shows these days basically because it is so very hilarious. One part of the "modern family" featured on the show is Gloria Pritchett, the loud, eye-catching trophy wife.

Her style is a little ridiculous and a lot of fun. This is a woman who is all about high heels and leopard print. 

Gloria's pretty into tight pants too. Definitely digs the tight pants. Here's the thing with Gloria -- she's got it, and she's not afraid to flaunt it!

The character is more than just a hot, younger wife though. She's also a loving (smothering) mom and outspoken (meaning: very loud) partner, and she is highly entertaining to watch -- only in part because of the sky-high heels and spandex-tight clothes!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Remix - Red coat

Hello to you, red coat.

Before this coat, I was a neutral coat kind of girl. I bought a coat that would go with everything. My coats were always gray or black. That was it. It wasn't the coat's job to put on a show! It needed to match a lot of stuff and keep me warm, that's it!

Then I met this ruffly beauty, and my world view changed. Okay, maybe not my world view, but my coat view. I no longer thought the coat needed to be a muted neutral. Oh no! Sometimes all you ever see is the coat! Let your coat have something to say!

What does my coat say? Well, it says "I am a coat. I am very red and very orange. I am reddish-orange, and I am ruffly. My owner is looking fabulous thanks in large part to me. You are welcome, owner. You are welcome." To which I say, thanks coat. Thanks.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My new thing

I bought this gray sweater at a thrift store when I was visiting my little sister years ago in Santa Barbara, California. Like everything else in California, its thrift stores were more expensive than our North Carolina thrift stores, but I thought this gray short-sleeved sweater was worth the cost (which was probably still under $10). 

I liked the neckline, and it's gray, which is Robert's favorite color on me (weird, I think, but true). So I wore my gray sweater and my black maxi-skirt and my moccasins to hang out with my baby and husband.

Sidenote: These shoes make me think of that "Thrift Store" lyric "Passing up on those moccasins/ someone else has been walking in them" because they are moccasins and someone else has walked in them. Whatever. They're cute. I wasn't going to pass them up.

Blue bangle: Also second hand. I wear bangles now. It's a thing. Okay, now let's look at my precious baby's face. In this picture, my baby is about to seriously spit up. Pre-spitting up he looks pensive and thoughtful, like he's pondering the difficulties of life. 

Post spit up, he's all like "Hey guys! Wanna play?!" Also let us take a minute to admire his second-hand playsuit situation, which has an adorable three-toothed monster on it. I think monsters are my new thing. And since they're my new thing, they're Thomas's new thing. That's just the way it works, kid. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A tale of two babies

First up: I bought some shirts from Out of Print with my first back-to-work paycheck because I have been wanting them forever. I bought "A Wrinkle in Time" because it's a great book, and it's one my students read. I plan to wear my book T-shirts to work, and Robert told me I'm "a hair's breath away from becoming Ms. Frizzle." (Becoming Ms. Frizzle is my ultimate dream.)

Second up: Remember how I moaned and moaned about how my favorite boots no longer fit because my feet grew during pregnancy? Well I followed the advice of you guys, and did not get rid of them, and they fit! Most of my old shoes still don't (and I did donate a lot of them that were too small), but these are back, baby!

So I wore my old favorite boots and my new literacy teacher shirt out to a mall to visit with my friend Sherrie. I hate malls, but I love Sherrie, and it was rainy, and I'm not sure where else to go with two babies in the rain, so mall it was! Plus, I thought I might do some Christmas shopping, which I did not end up doing.

Sherrie lives in Illinois so it's big news whenever she's in town. This was her first time meeting Thomas and Thomas and Sabria's first time meeting each other. (Sabria and I, on the other hand, totally old friends.)

It was really lovely to hang out and have our babies stare at each other. It was also nice to catch up between being distracted by our babies' needs! How's your job? (Insert baby paci into cranky baby mouth.) How's the husband? (Shake toy at baby. Give baby the toy.) Love your hair! (Feed baby. Burp baby.) And so on.