Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Style Icon: Mr. Toad

Mr. Toad is rich and troublesome in the book "The Wind in the Willows." If he were a real-life person instead of a fictional toad, he would totally have his own reality television show.

Seriously. All this guy likes to do is drive fast cars, wear fancy outfits, drink and spend his money. What is that if not an episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"?

I would watch the show just for the fashion. Mr. Toad is one dapper dude. He's all checked suits and waistcoats and pocket watches. I am loving it, Mr. Toad. Loving it!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Style Icon: The Aunts on "Pushing Daisies"

I love this weird show. I love these weird, weird women on this show. Lily and Vivian Charles are the aunts of the show's lead female character. They are former synchronized swimming champs and take quirkiness to the next level.

Lily has an eyepatch. Vivian is agoraphobic. They both wear ridiculous outfits. I love it. There is no fear of sparkles or leopard print faux fur.

Their house is also pretty epic and eclectic. If you're going to stay inside all the time might as well have an excellent book collection and a parrot.

"Pushing Daisies" is a gorgeous show. Every shot is so stylized, which is part of the reason the fashion is so fabulous. The aunts are two of the weirder characters on the show, but, really, they fit right in. The plot? It's all centered around a detective/piemaker who brings people back to life with a touch and then puts them back to death with a second touch. See? A little weird. But so good!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Style Icon: Doris Day

Doris Day is my favorite movie career gal. I feel like people look at her as very un-feminist, but I'm not sure why. I guess because she's so virginal? (Favorite quote about her: "I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin," -- Oscar Levant.)

In her movies, she is always career-focused and fabulous. She is terribly competent and won't put up with any nonsense. And she wears great hats! And coats! And kitten heels!

And, okay, she always ends up with the man who is after her, but I love that about her movies too. There's a push and pull between the Rock Hudson/Cary Grant character and she changes and he changes too and then they allegedly live happily ever after. Change is good!

Pink coats and tall blond hair and long gloves are also good! Plus the lady sings. And she loves animals. And she's so impossibly cheerful in her movies, you can't help but be in a good mood while watching them. Doris Day -- cheerful, career-girl style icon. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Style Icon: Young Bette Davis

Bette Davis seems to best known for roles she played later in life in movies like "All About Eve" and "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?," but I want to point out that young Bette Davis also had a lot going for her. I mean, just look at those Bette Davis eyes!

Bette Davis was very glamorous and elegant, and she sure could pull of a slinky 1930s dress! She's also somehow obviously intelligent. In these photos, she's blonde, but she's definitely a smart-blonde as opposed to the dumb-blonde stereotype.

The '30s were a great time for fashion, Bette rocked out those '30s looks like it was nobody's business! I especially love her hair. Women back then, they had some serious hair. I realize it's possible to have hair like that today and lots of vintage-loving girls do, but I'm too lazy for it. Seriously, I barely take a blow dryer to my mane. But I can still appreciate a finely coiffed 'do! And it goes so perfectly with her elegant dress, knowing manner and Bette-Davis eyes!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Gene Kelly and a cartoon mouse

My favorite Gene Kelly dance partner is Leslie Caron in "An American in Paris" because duh, but my second favorite Gene Kelly dance partner is a cartoon mouse "Anchors Aweigh."

The mouse is so cute!

Gene Kelly is so cute!

They are so cute together! Cinematic gold!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Style Icon: Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit wasn't bad. She was just drawn that way!

Slinky red dress, oddly clashing purple gloves (and also purple eye shadow), long red hair, slit up to there. Oh Jessica, you are a bombshell! I watched "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" as a pretty little kid, and it scared the bejeebus out of me. That movie is pretty creepy!

Jessica Rabbit is one of the sweetest characters in the movie, and she really does love her husband, Roger Rabbit. He makes her laugh! All these years later the movie is a bit forgettable, but Jessica Rabbit's look is anything but!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Style Icon: Laura Petrie

In "The Dick Van Dyke Show," Laura Petrie had such a great '60s stay-at-home mom look. She had the handsome husband, cute son, and tons of cute dresses, straight-leg pants and flats.

You need flats for all that dancing!

Dance, Laura, dance! (Dick Van Dyke is holding his own and also looks quite dashing in his signature style. He's got kind of a Mr. Rogers thing going on with that sweater/tie combo, doesn't he?)

This is how I picture Laura Petrie -- white sweater, black pants, black flats looking perfect, acting goofy.

Sometimes she dresses it up with a cute dress and classic pearls. Oh and that hair flip! How I love the hair flip!

She would go on to become America's favorite single lady in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," and she's great and fabulous in that as well, but I really love her in her first breakthrough role -- sweet Laura Petrie with her flipped hair and huge grin. Love it.