Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 2011 Happenings

It was a pretty big year. I started school. The same week I left my full-time reporter job, I was given a fancy writing award. I got married. We went to Ireland. There were many instances of cool art and yummy food. I worked a lot with kids, and these kids were both difficult and adorable. Out of all this activity, I have chosen the top five (pleasant, enjoyable, fantastic and happening) happenings of the year. 

Happening #5: The Beach

There is something very specifically beautiful about the ocean in winter. It's so dramatic and the wind is so bitterly cold. I love it. We went in February (we visit and stay with Robert's granddad), and then went again in the summer. The summer trip was typical fun in the sun and I wore my 8-year-old retro bathing suit that never goes out of style because the last time it was in style was 1959.

Happening #4: The Mountain House 

My parents fulfilled a long-time dream and bought a house in the smoky mountains. It's very cozy (check out that fire!) and has a gorgeous view. We celebrated an early Christmas there, and it was just very merry. (Pictured above are my niece, sister and my sister's boyfriend.)

Happening #3:  My Thirtieth Birthday

This one time I turned 30, and I accepted it. As exhibited here. We had fun party and I snuggled up to my younger man feeling very Demi and Ashton (This was back when it was positive to feel Demi-and-Ashton, not like now when it's depressing to feel like Demi-and-Ashton. Also: A two year age difference is really no biggie. Except when you turn 30 and he is 28. Unacceptable.)

Happening #2: Honeymoon in Ireland

I think "Honeymoon in Ireland" says it all when it comes to explaining the awesomeness. 

Happening #1: Our Wedding

It was romantic and beautiful and sappy and funny. It was what we wanted it to be, officiated by our artist friend Karen Banker and attended by a small-ish group of our loved ones. The following party was hearty, the beer was delicious and the resulting marriage has been wonderful.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Dog, Fish

This is a story of love. 

Love between a dog and a girl wearing a fish tunic, leggings and full-on pirate boots (pirates are awesome).

Love. True love. 

Forget diamonds, dogs are a girl's best friend. That's what I say. (On a semi-regular basis.)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My mumu

Pictured above is my mumu. I guess it's actually a maxi dress, but it definitely serves the same purpose as a mumu: sweet, precious, lazy comfort.

I bought it this fall when the weather was frigid. I came back from my thrift store adventure with this and a little black dress and a little red dress. The black and red dresses could be worn at holiday gatherings or in everday life with layers. This maxi dress, however, screamed SUMMER. Robert laughed at me when I showed it to him. "You don't always just thrift for the season you're in!" I told him. It's one of my thrifting rules. Find something awesome? Snatch it up. Summer will come again.

But I didn't wait for summer. This is my new mumu. The semester is over (All A's, what what!), and I have two weeks before student teaching starts. Allegedly, I will spend these weeks getting my house in order. So far, I've spent my days reading The Hunger Games trilogy (SO GOOD) and making country music mix CDs... and wearing this maxi-dress mumu maybe a bit too much.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas 1988

This is a Christmas ornament from 1988 picturing yours truly, which is currently hanging on our Christmas tree. "You grew into your glasses," Robert observed. So true. The '80s were not really a great time in eye wear. In other news: I think I might get those bangs again. They're super cute.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mountain moon

I woke up this morning at my parents' house in the mountains, and the full moon was gorgeous and the sun was rising. "That is so so so beautiful," I thought. "I should take a picture." But before I went to sleep, I had given my mother my phone (the only camera I had with me) and she was playing Fruit Ninja, which is a pretty amazing game. So I assumed the battery was dead. And wasn't just seeing it in the present enough? Yes. It was.

But I found my phone, charged it really quickly and took the pictures anyway because eegads that's beautiful.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I am in love with "Wonderland" by Dene Scott Smith, an artist who lives in Denver, N.C. This was at the Festival of Trees in Lincolnton, and I was just so enchanted with it. The above photo (ie: the amazingly gorgeous photo) was taken by Robert.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


This is a ridiculously healthy breakfast that I can't get enough of: vanilla Greek yogurt, dry oats and a cut-up granny smith apple. I am incredibly healthy 50 percent of the time and incredibly unhealthy 50 percent of the time resulting in rather average health. This breakfast was one of my healthy ventures, but I tell you, it pleases both the health freak and the hedonist in me. Deee-licious!