Monday, August 13, 2012


My time with contacts was short. Somehow, one broke in two while still in my eye. Then I couldn't find it. (Then I did.) True story. Truly unacceptable. I just had the two contacts so I'm back to glasses at least temporarily. (My eyes will be coming in contact with new contacts soon-ish.)

In other news, I wore a vest. Wanna see?


$4. Thrifted. Classes up my jean shorts and my husband's undershirt fo sho.

The flowers also class things up. Crape Myrtle. I love them so much I daydreamed about having a daughter and naming her Myrtle. Oh imaginary Myrtle, all your schoolmates will tease you mercilessly for your old-lady name, but Mama loves you (and Crape Myrtles)!

(Disclaimer: I am not pregnant. There is no actual threat of me naming an innocent child Myrtle.)

See? Pretty. Blue sky. White clouds. Crape Myrtle.

P.S. I thought you spelled Crape Myrtle "Crepe Myrtle." Like a delicious dish of a tree. I was sadly wrong.