Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Miss Adelaide, style icon

I am all about Hollywood musicals and my very favorite Hollywood musical character is poor Miss Adelaide from "Guys and Dolls." She's a sweet, ditsy, burlesque dancer with blond hair who just wants to settle down with notorious Nathan Detroit and have lots of babies. She's tired of getting the fish-eye from the hotel clerk! She's developing psychosomatic symptoms! Something must be done. Poor thing. And she wears fab '50s outfits and barely there get ups. My first introduction to Miss Adelaide was the movie. There's Vivian Blaine playing her above. Frank Sinatra is the charming Nathan Detroit. "So sue me," he tells her. "I love you." And she's like "Your promise me this, you promise me that..." They fight a lot. But they do eventually get hitched.

A couple years ago, Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls fame starred in a Guys and Dolls revival. I could die, I tell you. I could honestly die. Who is a bigger Lauren Graham/Adelaide fan than I am? How did I not go? How did I not *know*? At least we have photographs. And let me tell you, Lauren Graham's Adelaide is the most fabulous incarnation yet. Let us all stare:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's a miracle!

My road trip necklace is no longer dead. Robert brought it back to life. Above, Sunshine is reluctantly rocking it. All is well.

Friday, October 15, 2010

What a hoot

Isn't he cute? He's an owl! With glasses! And he reads! He's like me, but an owl! I found him at an antique/ consignment store where I also bought a $3 book that will allegedly turn me into a wine connoisseur/ expert/ snob. He came with cooking utensils I didn't necessarily need but am keeping anyway. My current plan is to fill him up with more utensils and make his home our kitchen counter top. Or maybe he will go in the guest room as a plant holder. Sadly, whenever I put plants in the guest room I forget about them and they die a sad, dehydrated death. I am a bad plant mommy. But, anyway, he will be used. He will be adorable. He is such a hoot. Hardy-har-har. (Hoot jokes will be made every time I buy/ consider buying anything owl-esque.)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

thrift store score


Italian leather bright red platforms have banished the cranky black storm cloud that hung over my head for most of the day. I found them in a Humane Society thrift store (which had little doggies roaming around) and fell immediately in love. They make me want to paint my toenails, wear little dresses and say "Ciao!" while zipping around on my Vespa. Seriously: I was cranky then I found these and bought them and now I'm not cranky. Thrift store shopping is magical.

RIP necklace

The necklace I bought on a whim pre road trip (thinking: this will look really cute in road-trip like settings) just broke. Sadness. Do you think it committed suicide? Let us remember it in happier times as seen here:

In Beaufort:

With Angel Oak (which was a very scary, giant tree we started calling "Demon Oak") leaning against its branch (or tentacle depending on how you feel about the tree).

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

wearing today


Robert has a new hat. It goes with Spanish moss.

Madeline, style icon

The giant yellow hat! The cute peter pan collar! The white socks with black shoes! The mischevious smile! The swingy blue dress! We love her!