Friday, November 12, 2010

The final murder mystery

Last spring, I discovered a website dedicated to murder mystery parties and went crazy for it mostly because I love games and themes and dressing up. I daydreamed about it a lot, and when I saw friends, I discussed how I wanted to have a murder mystery party and wouldn't that be fun and they all agreed: yes it would.

But murder mystery parties are small and intimate so one party would not do. So I planned three with three different casts (with some minor overlapping). Tomorrow is the last and final 2010 murder mystery party. It was planned this summer when I had my busy friends Karen (fabulous, abstract-expressionist artist and gallery owner and business what-not doer) and Sarah Paris (rougeneck-blogging, sparkly-eyeshadow-wearing, on-the-go driven diva) over to my house for Thai food (cause I cook now, what what?) and catching up and I opened up the murder mystery website and asked: "Which mystery on what date? Because this *must* happen."

And so plans were made for a Nov. 13 celebration of "The Waskers" a post-Oscar party filled with mystery and MURDER.

I was originally planning to simply host and not play, but some people could not come (Not Sarah P. and Karen of course. They've had it on their calendars since August.) and so I took on the role of "the strange diva," which, quite honestly, I was coveting back when I offered it to someone else.

A year ago, I bought a giant, wide-brimmed black hat and swore I would wear it and then never wore it. I think I will wear it tomorrow. With pearls. Or maybe a thrift store prom dress. We shall see.

And while this is the last 2010 murder mystery party hosted at the Grano-Miller household, it will not be the last murder mystery party ever. Robert and I already have grand plans of writing our own murder mysteries with parts tailored to our friends. The theme possibilities are endless! Thinking about it makes my head explode! With joy! And firecrackers! When will it take place? The 1980s? The Great Depression? The future? Where will it take place? A luxury train? A haunted castle? The bottom of the sea? Who will it star? Divas? Gangsters? Yo mama?

Terribly exciting, I tell you.

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Rougeneck said...

Well let's just say that the role of Hailey Michaels, bratty teenage daughter of a rockstar and limelight seeking drama queen, is a pretty good match! Not the bratty part of course. But as a former actress, I know I can stretch.