Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Fair!

This year I have gone crazy about the fair. I've had fair enthusiasm before, but I'm finding it more magical than ever. 

I mean, look at the Midway. It's full of lights and corn dogs and cold drinks. There's gambling! And giant produce! Pig races! Tractor pulls! (Okay. Actually: I learned this year tractor pulls are as boring as they sound.)

Above, my friends (the hot hotties in the center) play Fat Albert. A game of chance involving rats where you put down a quarter in hopes of winning a cheap toy sheep. That's right: Gambling is apparently legal at the fair. Woot!

I tried my first pickle chips at the fair two years ago and fell madly in love. Of course, I had to have them this year as well (on both visits -- with ranch dressing).

My friend Allyson was in the pit of despair because she kept almost winning Bingo, but never actually won Bingo. Life is hard. Also pictured: The sheep my friend Sarah P. won when playing Fat Albert.

I'm scared of heights, but I like Ferris wheels. How does that make sense? It doesn't. It also means I clutch the edge of the seat throughout the entire ride.

So pretty! It's all lit up like Christmas, but there's fried food and pop music instead of eggnog and Christmas carols.

I love giant produce. I love watermelon. I love giant watermelons.

I also love carousels. Can we say whimsy? Whimsy.

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