Sunday, March 22, 2015

Style Icon: Westley from The Princess Bride

Um. Westley in the Princess Bride was a major crush of mine since childhood. Who doesn't love a man who shows his love by responding to all requests with "As you wish"? I mean, that's just dreamy. Plus his hair fell into his eye and that was kind of a big deal for me.

Plus he was a pirate, which meant he wore a pretty pirate-riffic outfit for most of the movie.

The only thing I can't forgive is that tiny, tiny ponytail.

Oh, and I really hated his mustache...

So really I'm all about Westley at the beginning of the movie and find his hair -- both on his head and facially -- a little underwhelming. But this movie is about true love! True love can overcome anything! Even death! Even tiny pony tales and pencil mustaches!


Midnight Cowgirl said...

Oh, yes, please :)

Hollie Black-Ramsey said...

I've actually never seen that movie. Go on, gasp. I'll wait. Hee hee

Lisa said...

Cracker of a movie.
Lisa x