Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Remix: Polka dot coat

So, the other day, I was in car rider line (I'm a teacher, I was opening doors, doing my bit), and the school's literacy facilitator said she liked my coat and I was like "Thanks! I bought it when I dropped my son off at daycare for the first time because I had major anxiety!" It was a car rider line overshare. These things happen. The literacy facilitator nodded awkwardly and then we said zero other things to each other. 

It's true, though, this is the coat I bought when I was flipping the flippity floppity (that's my new non-swear word I'm trying to use) out. I dropped Thomas off at daycare for two hours. I went to Target. I saw a polka-dotted coat. I did not NEED this coat and yet I DID! So I bought it. And it made me feel better for like 30 seconds. This coat is the equivalent of brownie-filled cookies. 

But, really, it's better than brownie-filled cookies because while it only offered fleeting emotional comfort, it has offered physical comfort for more than a year! This coat is warm! It's cute! It has polka dots!

This is the second year it's been my go-to winter coat. It matches everything. According to me. 

I was at dinner once talking about stripes and polka dots and how I love them, and my friend was like "But you don't wear them together, do you?!" and when I said I did, she was totally horrified. Horrified, I say!

Truth be told, I think I look a little crazier when I match polka-dots with polka-dots. I don't think I look bad, I just always ask "Do these polka dots match these other polka dots?"...

And the answer is always "YES!" So I say: Yay to polka dots. Yay to statement coats. Yay to anxiety purchases, awkward overshares and matching circles and stripes!

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Midnight Cowgirl said...

Your polka dot coat is so cute! Target is full of temptations :)