Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Style Icon: Pollyanna

I loved the movie "Pollyanna" when I was a kid. It starred Hayley Mills as the orphan Pollyanna who comes to live with her stern, cold Aunt Polly.

Aunt Polly has major moolah. Pollyanna doesn't. She arrives wearing a not very fancy outfit.

Don't worry, Pollyanna! New clothes are in your future! (And besides I'm digging the hat and boots.)

Aunt Polly is by no means nice to Pollyanna at the beginning (or middle) of the movie, but she does give her some sweet new threads.

And Pollyanna hangs out around town wearing her fab new clothes and making lots of friends and playing "The Glad Game" and showing people it's way better to be optimistic instead of being negative all the time.

And eventually, she even melts Aunt Polly's heart. How can you not love that face? And that bow? It's impossible not to love these things!

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