Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Style Icon: Agathe from Style Bytes

Style Bytes was the first fashion blog I followed, and I followed it obsessively.

Agathe lived in Norway, and she was fabulous. Her style went from edgy to fun to classic, and it was always so editorial.

And she had a pig as a pet so that was really, really awesome. I loved reading about her adventures and seeing these amazing pictures of what seemed to be an amazing life.

Then all of a sudden -- poof! She stopped writing, and all her rabid fans were like "What happened? Is she dead? What is going on?" (I was one of those fans.)

From what I've learned in the years since, she made the blog with her boyfriend turned husband, and when they broke up, she just lost interest. To which I say: Fair enough, Agathe. You don't owe us anything. But, ah man, we are grateful for the sartorial times we did have together.

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