Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Style Icon: Roseanne Barr

I'm a fan of Roseanne. I love her humor and unapologetic loudness. I also really love her style these days. Like, I want to dress like Roseanne when I'm a grandma. She has some great cranky-hippy grandma style. 

This became most apparent to me when I was watching her short-lived -- but so good! -- reality show Roseanne's Nuts. She lives on a nut farm in Hawaii, and she always looks comfy and fabulous.

Scarves! Earrings! Little braids in her hair! Hanging out with the hippie boy who lives on her land! Also: I dig that she keeps her hair naturally gray hair. Dig it. 

She is just so un-Hollywood and so Roseanne. It was fun watching her hang out on her Hawaii farm, and I was bummed when the show wasn't picked up for another season. Oh well. I still say - Roseanne Barr: Cranky-hippy, grandma style icon.

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