Friday, October 15, 2010

What a hoot

Isn't he cute? He's an owl! With glasses! And he reads! He's like me, but an owl! I found him at an antique/ consignment store where I also bought a $3 book that will allegedly turn me into a wine connoisseur/ expert/ snob. He came with cooking utensils I didn't necessarily need but am keeping anyway. My current plan is to fill him up with more utensils and make his home our kitchen counter top. Or maybe he will go in the guest room as a plant holder. Sadly, whenever I put plants in the guest room I forget about them and they die a sad, dehydrated death. I am a bad plant mommy. But, anyway, he will be used. He will be adorable. He is such a hoot. Hardy-har-har. (Hoot jokes will be made every time I buy/ consider buying anything owl-esque.)

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