Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Miss Adelaide, style icon

I am all about Hollywood musicals and my very favorite Hollywood musical character is poor Miss Adelaide from "Guys and Dolls." She's a sweet, ditsy, burlesque dancer with blond hair who just wants to settle down with notorious Nathan Detroit and have lots of babies. She's tired of getting the fish-eye from the hotel clerk! She's developing psychosomatic symptoms! Something must be done. Poor thing. And she wears fab '50s outfits and barely there get ups. My first introduction to Miss Adelaide was the movie. There's Vivian Blaine playing her above. Frank Sinatra is the charming Nathan Detroit. "So sue me," he tells her. "I love you." And she's like "Your promise me this, you promise me that..." They fight a lot. But they do eventually get hitched.

A couple years ago, Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls fame starred in a Guys and Dolls revival. I could die, I tell you. I could honestly die. Who is a bigger Lauren Graham/Adelaide fan than I am? How did I not go? How did I not *know*? At least we have photographs. And let me tell you, Lauren Graham's Adelaide is the most fabulous incarnation yet. Let us all stare:

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amnbsdad said...

A girl could catch a cold. Achoo!