Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 2011 Happenings

It was a pretty big year. I started school. The same week I left my full-time reporter job, I was given a fancy writing award. I got married. We went to Ireland. There were many instances of cool art and yummy food. I worked a lot with kids, and these kids were both difficult and adorable. Out of all this activity, I have chosen the top five (pleasant, enjoyable, fantastic and happening) happenings of the year. 

Happening #5: The Beach

There is something very specifically beautiful about the ocean in winter. It's so dramatic and the wind is so bitterly cold. I love it. We went in February (we visit and stay with Robert's granddad), and then went again in the summer. The summer trip was typical fun in the sun and I wore my 8-year-old retro bathing suit that never goes out of style because the last time it was in style was 1959.

Happening #4: The Mountain House 

My parents fulfilled a long-time dream and bought a house in the smoky mountains. It's very cozy (check out that fire!) and has a gorgeous view. We celebrated an early Christmas there, and it was just very merry. (Pictured above are my niece, sister and my sister's boyfriend.)

Happening #3:  My Thirtieth Birthday

This one time I turned 30, and I accepted it. As exhibited here. We had fun party and I snuggled up to my younger man feeling very Demi and Ashton (This was back when it was positive to feel Demi-and-Ashton, not like now when it's depressing to feel like Demi-and-Ashton. Also: A two year age difference is really no biggie. Except when you turn 30 and he is 28. Unacceptable.)

Happening #2: Honeymoon in Ireland

I think "Honeymoon in Ireland" says it all when it comes to explaining the awesomeness. 

Happening #1: Our Wedding

It was romantic and beautiful and sappy and funny. It was what we wanted it to be, officiated by our artist friend Karen Banker and attended by a small-ish group of our loved ones. The following party was hearty, the beer was delicious and the resulting marriage has been wonderful.

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