Sunday, January 27, 2013

Baird's Umbrellas

I am in love with these paintings by Kendra Baird at the Lark and Key in Charlotte. Robert and I always buy one piece of original art for Valentine's Day, but we've already bought our 2013 piece (and I love it and will post about it later), but I keep seeing other pieces I want as well. I might have to save my pennies to buy one of these exquisite umbrella paintings. I love umbrellas and rain, and I love the colors in her work.

I also love the anonymity (not a face to be seen) and how it's both dreary and somber because of the grays and streaks of black and rain, and light and whimsical because of those umbrellas.

It speaks to my existential angsty side (We're all walking alone essentially) and my manic life-loving side (Umbrellas, color, Singing in the Rain, the part of me that is so in love with art).

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Miss Simmonds Says said...

these are rather fantastic aren't they? xx