Thursday, January 31, 2013

a special occasion ensemble

Two days before my 30th birthday, I thrifted the perfect dress, which I then wore to my 30th birthday party. I've only worn it two times since: to a Dickensian Christmas party (Just the food was Dickensian, not the clothes) and this weekend to see Shen Yun  in Charlotte. It is my goal to wear it more often. Why do I save some of my favorite clothes for special occasions? I should be up in this dress on a weekly, or at least monthly, basis.

I mean look at that. Pockets. Brocade-y circle things. (I am not a fashion journalist, people. I do not know how to describe that awesome texture/pattern combo.)

Another thing I never, ever wear that I vow to wear: This hounds-tooth wrap. It was a gift from an incredibly elegant woman, and I feel a bit more elegant myself every time I put it on. It's also nice and toasty.

I loved the combination of red and orange. It's so warm on such a chilly day. Also: I didn't intentionally match the Bechtler Museum of Art, but it's awesome I did. That top photo is especially color coordinated.

The orange dress and hounds-tooth wrap don't get worn as much as they should, but I tell you what, I'm wearing out my black boots and leggings. They are my steadies. I'm getting pretty serious with that Firebird too. Robert even bought us memberships to the Bechtler for Christmas. All the more reason to visit!


Lucy Nation said...

What a gorgeous dress. I love the way you've styled it in the first 2 pics

Connie said...

Happy Birthday! I just love orange. It's such a positive color. You look very cute!

Lisa said...

Love this outfit. What a beautiful dress and scarf! I totally have things I love that I really should wear more often and that is a goal of mine to work on this year.

Laura Mullins said...


I'm serious.

You're cute! <3

Miss Simmonds Says said...

They're fantastic, you should make sure you wear them more often!!