Thursday, May 9, 2013

On age and excitement

I bought this guy in Guatemala when I was 24. He hangs out next to the angel I bought at the same time. I feel like I was 24 just a sneeze ago, but it wasn't a sneeze. It was 8 years. That's the age of some of my students. It's crazy.

I feel like the stability I have in my life now has brought me fantastic freedom I never had before. This freedom makes me feel young. The world still feels big and exciting. Hanging out with 8-year-olds reminds me I'm old(er), but, hey, maybe in the long run this connection with kids will keep me young.

I like making them feel excited about things that are exciting (poetry, algebra, recess).

Something that's exciting to adults, but not to kids? Making beer. It's exciting! Such a process. As seen here.

Definitely an appropriate 30-something hobby.

Wearing leggings as pants is exciting and allegedly not appropriate at any age...

And if you want to go from exciting to SUPER exciting, then you have to bring up our owl with the pineapple hair who has survived the winter and is about to be put back outside. 

Because summer's coming, y'all, and that is something that excites the young and old alike!

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