Thursday, April 25, 2013

Loving it

This post is about things I am loving.

For example, in the picture above I am loving hanging out in a princess tent with my niece who is wearing a princess hat.

This other time, I went to a cheese factory in Ashe County and the cheese factory had giant cows outside of it and I was like "This is something I am ALL ABOUT." And I was all about it. The factory was sadly boring, but the cheese was so good.

My husband is so handsome. Maybe this is not an interesting thing to blog about. It is an interesting thing to me.

We both enjoy comfortable footwear. In this photo, I may or may not be wearing leggings as pants. 

We also enjoy gorgeous views, but I think everyone enjoys a mountain range/river situation.

Then we went on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Blue Ridge Parkway! So gorgeous! So great! Then my car broke down on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Not so much loving that. Not so much. But we got the car fixed and set our sights on the beach. And the beach is a very pretty sight.

As seen here. What's not to love?

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Melanie said...

I love the calm of this post. It makes me want to slow down and breathe. The last beach photos are my favourites.