Friday, July 4, 2014

Blue skies

I'm wearing a gray dress, but the skies are blue. Sure, there's a hurricane on the coast of North Carolina, but it hasn't made it our way yet!

This is another second-hand bird necklace. I didn't buy it because it was a family of three birds, but now that I'm so preggers and so ready for baby boy to come, this necklace is all about family!

I'm not due for four weeks, but we had an ultrasound this week and baby boy can arrive any time and be healthy. He is "average" in every way (head size, heart beat etc.). "This is the only time you want someone to tell you your child is average!" the nurse told me. So true!


Isabella said...

Beautiful setting! That necklace is so pretty, and I love that it's serendipitously gained sentimental value for you. Happy to hear that baby boy is all set for a healthy debut :)


Winter Moon said...

Exciting times! Not long now.

Loving the dress :)

Lisa said...

Another pretty necklace. Glad to hear all is good and on track.
Lisa x

Sonya Mann said...

Absolutely spiffing dress, my dear! For some reason I feel like you're about to travel on a British train. Glad everything is going well with the baby ~