Thursday, February 12, 2015

Beautiful things

 So... sometimes I am drawn to beautiful things, and then I'm like "When am I really going to wear that? There's no need in my life for something like that!" And then I'm like "I need to start living a life that does have a need for something like that! It's not that I shouldn't buy this beautiful thing, it's that I should change my whole life!" With these boots, I was like "Those would be really cute on someone else." And then I was like, "Nope. Those would be really cute on me. ON ME. I am going to be that someone else those boots would look cute on!"

And they are. They are really cute on me. They'd probably be really cute on someone else too. That's because they're really cute boots. (They're cowboy boot booties. I was like "Can I wear cowboy boots?" And then I was like "My Grandpa was from Texas. He wore cowboy boots every day of his life! I like Johnny Cash! I like Lyle Lovett! I can wear cowboy boots!" Also, you don't have to have Texan ancestry or a love of country music to wear cowboy boots. You just need a desire to wear cowboy boots.)

Something else cute? Thomas. So cute. Those little feet. 

So yes,I'm totally feeling these boots. They were meant to be mine. (I bought them on eBay obviously. Does that even need to be said?) And these boots fit me and my life perfectly.


Connie said...

So cute. Love the shot of mama and baby feet. Nice boots. You'll have to get some for Thomas when he's older. You know he'll want some.

Caroline said...

I love your boots, and they look fabulous on you!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

The boots look great!

Melanie said...

Excellent cowboy boots. Plus, you have a responsibility, no, a DUTY, to instill in Thomas the greatness of fantastic footwear. He is thee most adorable baby!

peaches mcginty said...

There is something very special about cowboy boots, I have a pair and always feel awesome in them, yours are very awesome too!! Thomas's feet! baby feet are the most adorable (and babies cheeks, their little noses... babies are adorable and Thomas is so completely adorable!) x x x