Sunday, February 22, 2015

Style Icon: Diane Keaton

I love all eras of Diane Keaton -- especially her Woody Allen movies -- but I'm focusing on modern-day Diane Keaton because she still has it and maybe even has more of whatever "it" is than she used to. Seriously. The lady is fabulous. 

Sexiest lady in a suit ever. Work it, Diane. Work it.

And she can combine feminine elements with her menswear. Great skirt. Great shoes. Great hats. (Oh your hats, Diane!) Great gloves. Diane Keaton is always all covered up and yet still such a knockout/bombshell/babe in an "Aw shucks, who me?" kind of way. 

Yes, you, Diane! You're a babe! And you played beer pong with Jimmy Fallon and flirted shamelessly. 

Seriously. Shameless, that flirting. That is why you are my hero. Diane Keaton: Beer pong player. Style Icon.


Lisa said...

I'd wear belts like that if I have such a svelte figure too!
Lisa x

peaches mcginty said...

She really does always look magnificent! every era, always x x x

The Grande Dame said...

Just been catching up on your blog posts, I love this one! She is very unique and always looks so happy about it!