Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Style Icon: Mondo

Project Runway is absolutely my favorite reality television program. I love it so much! The fashion! The drama! The fashion! Tim Gunn! The fashion! My favorite Project Runway contestant of all time is Mondo Guerra. Love him

If I were a fellow, I'd be rocking the bow tie on the regular, and really, as a lady, I think it's also a cool sartorial choice. I'll put it on my to-do list: Rock the lady bow tie. Mondo, he rocks the bow tie like it's nobody's business. Also: Pictured above is my favorite outfit ever on Project Runway. Look at the pants. The pants!

So Mondo is so cute in his bow ties and his short shorts and glasses (and fanny pack - what?). He is creative and misanthropic and embraces newsboy caps. He's an adorable little school boy with a pompadour. 

BUT he also cleans up nice in a suit with actual pants. The school boy look is my favorite, but he looks great as an adult as well. Mondo's the best!

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