Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Style Icon: Laura Petrie

In "The Dick Van Dyke Show," Laura Petrie had such a great '60s stay-at-home mom look. She had the handsome husband, cute son, and tons of cute dresses, straight-leg pants and flats.

You need flats for all that dancing!

Dance, Laura, dance! (Dick Van Dyke is holding his own and also looks quite dashing in his signature style. He's got kind of a Mr. Rogers thing going on with that sweater/tie combo, doesn't he?)

This is how I picture Laura Petrie -- white sweater, black pants, black flats looking perfect, acting goofy.

Sometimes she dresses it up with a cute dress and classic pearls. Oh and that hair flip! How I love the hair flip!

She would go on to become America's favorite single lady in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," and she's great and fabulous in that as well, but I really love her in her first breakthrough role -- sweet Laura Petrie with her flipped hair and huge grin. Love it.

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Midnight Cowgirl said...

Fabulous style inspiration! I loved watching "The Dick Van Dyke Show" :)