Saturday, February 9, 2013

Loving lately

Things I have been loving lately include but are not limited to:

1. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Thanks to Hulu Plus, I can watch this show even though I go to bed at 9 p.m. (True story. I went to a concert last weekend and it lasted until midnight and I was sort-of-kind-of falling asleep by 11 p.m. The only day I can stay up late-ish is Saturday because I did not spend the whole day with kidlets and will not be spending the next day with kidlets. Friday, it turns out, is a no-go.)

Jimmy Fallon is really funny and has really positive energy, and because I was raised by Californian hippies, good energy is important to me. Enthusiasm is underrated. Geeking out over things is where it is at (see the number 2 thing I am loving).

This week has been especially awesome. He had Tavi Gevinson of "Style Rookie" (the blog) and "Rookie" (the website). She is a hero of mine, which feels a little weird because in general my heroes/role models are my own age or older. I guess that changes the older you get? Anyway, she's a junior in high school, and she's my hero.

Even though I was totally Team Katy after watching her documentary (Oh, I watched it. It even made me cry.), I have to admit I'm still a fan of Russell Brand. He cracked me up.

Those were just two highlights from the world of Jimmy Fallon. My all-time favorite moment was when Obama came on and slow-jammed the news. Now that was epic.

2. Geeks 

I am taking college courses on gifted kids for my AIG certification, and one of things we talked about last week was the word "geek" and how "geek" used to be a terrible thing to be called and now it's more of a badge of honor. It's no longer totally uncool to be smart. Even the word "nerd" is now more of an adjective or verb (I'm going to nerd-out on some homework tonight.) than a definition of a person.

3. Home brew

I got Robert a beer-making kit for his 30th birthday in January, and now he is all about making the beer. Like all about it. I'm pretty pleased. Below, you can see beer making is a little bit "Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble" but without the witches.

His best friend helps him with the brewing. Their micro-micro-brewery (as in our backyard, kitchen, hallway and hall closet where the beer-making and beer-sitting-for-a-long-time-doing-its'-thing takes place) is named "Dem Two Guys with Beards." Beards are good and so is beer.

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