Friday, February 22, 2013

Loving Lately

Things I have been loving lately include but are not limited to...

1. Running into former students. I ran into one of the second-graders I taught (as a student teacher) last year. He was so tall! I was with Robert, who had a basket full of perfectly respectable items such as potatoes, carrots and broccoli. I was holding boxed wine. Of course. Not just wine. Boxed wine. I foresaw this happening. I always, always knew the first time I saw a student (former or current), it would be in a grocery store, and I would be holding wine.

2. Boxed wine. Black Box is good. It just is. And it's cheap(ish). And eco-friendly. I have no shame. Except for the shame I have. But I only have that because I live in the South.

3. Snow in the South. So while living in the South (and more likely for seven years in a very small southern town where I was a freakishly public personality for being a 20-something quirky chick) has made me a little paranoid about appearing like a lush in public, it has also made me a massive lover of magical, transient snow. We never get it! But sometimes we do! And when we do it is so beautiful. Snow in the South is a very specific, beautiful thing. It is not the same as snow in other places. We haven't had snow like this in three years. It was powdery and crunchy and stayed for less than 24 hours. MAGICAL. As seen here in blurry photos.

4. Ebay. I have developed a problem. I am now off of Ebay. Allegedly. Not coincidentally, I am now the owner of some awesome combat boots. I feel very myself circa 2000.

5. This song. I heard it on Jimmy Fallon. Cause me and Jimmy, we're still besties.

6. Bath salts. Not the drugs. The actual salts you put in the bath to relax. I'm really annoyed there's a drug called "bath salts." I feel it gives for-real bath salts a bad name when they are so healthy and awesome.

7. Looking forward to something. It is maybe not Zen to look forward to things. It is, perhaps, better to focus on the present. To just live in the Now, man. But I have always been a forward-thinking lady, and I find I am a much happier person if I have something very specific that I'm looking forward to. Right now, it's visiting my math-professor/gorgeous-genius sister in California. She is the bee's knees. And she lives two hours away from Disneyland (and no-hours away form the Farmers Market Ben Affleck shops at). So it will be an epic visit, and I may or may not come back with mouse ears (and Ben Affleck).

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xXxStundonxXx said...

The snow photos are so pretty! x