Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Something's coming...

I was walking on Queens University's campus and suddenly feeling sort of nostalgic for college even though I was in college and on my way to class.... sort of.

No matter how much time you spend in school, there is nothing like those first undergraduate years out of high school, away from your parents in college. The whole world is waiting. Possibilities are endless. It is very, very this song:

(Broadway musicals are my favorite thing. FAVORITE.)

I am about to turn 32. The possibilities are not endless. In fact, I am straight-up married to one dude. I am all like "This dude is IT." And this dude is like "I love my family and my job, we are never leaving Charlotte. Charlotte is IT." The possibilities are not endless. I am no longer 19. But life is still pretty nice. And I'm still pretty young. Young enough that I identify with this song:

I've decided I'm not going to consider myself old until I'm 68. That rounds up to 70, and you have to be honest with yourself, 70 is not young. Although, by time I'm 70, maybe it will be the new 30. You never know.

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