Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hot pink with polka dots

 I saved my hot-pink polka-dot dress for my fifth-grade students' promotion ceremony. I have to admit, I used to be one of those people who looked at this sort of thing side-eyed (as in: Um. It's not a real graduation.) But after spending a year with these kids (and these are such great kids), the ceremony was an awesome closure to the year and caused me to be very emotional to say the least.

Seriously. They're just going to go away and that's it? I taught them how to divide decimals! We went ziplining together! I cannot change my nail polish without receiving input! What is the deal?!

So yeah. Hot pink polka-dots. Ballet flats cause that's where it's at.

And I know I should be all foot-loose and fancy-free embracing summer, but I'm totally faking it in the above photo. I think I need a good cry. I'm going to have to watch "Up" or something (that movie always gets me). I'm also going to listen to the following advice from a veteran-educator friend of mine:  "(Feeling emotional) goes with the territory no matter what age you are teaching. A sign that you have given all to your students and are depleted. Now, listen up, you must use the summer to re-build yourself, fill the void by experiencing life, and that way you will be whole and ready for new class in fall so it is a must to learn, experience, live life  to the fullest and rebuild your spirit!"


I'm on it.

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Thrifted Shift said...

I'm sure your kids will remember you forever. Rest up this summer and get ready for the next batch! (However, I always spend September missing my old kids before I get in groove and fall in love with my new kids!)