Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pirates of Penzanze

I grew up watching musicals and old Hollywood classics, and I LOVED them and still do.

My students these days are into horror movies and/or Disney.

But maybe that's what kids were into back in the '80s too, and I have just been a freak since childhood. I mean, what 11-year-old loves a cheerful operetta? All of them? Do all of them love them? Or just the oddballs? Goal for next year: Encourage children to embrace Gilbert and Sullivan. (Also other goals like have children improve their reading levels and identify themes and write, you know, coherently, and perhaps even divide some fractions. But also: to have children embrace Gilbert and Sullivan. And maybe Audrey Hepburn too. Or should I save that for my third-year of teaching?)

Who doesn't love pirate kings?

Although, I'll have to hit them early. Fifth-graders are already too cool for school. My third-graders could very well fall in love with black and white movies and musicals and black-and-white movie musicals (and "Pirates of Penzanze" cause duh).

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