Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pacific Palisades (Emphasis on the Pacific)

A day after my final teacher workday, Robert and I celebrated the start of summer with a trip to Los Angeles, California to visit my sister and her boyfriend. We stayed in their Pacific Palisades apartment, which was a stone's throw from the beach (Well, a stone's throw if you're really impressive at throwing stones. It was a short walk.) We spent a good bit of time hanging out on the beach, and I thought I'd share my beach style with you guys. I accidentally included menswear in every look! Above, I am a fan girl to Robert's surfer boy. (It gets a little chilly in the mornings. Lucky Californians.) That's his shirt. He didn't need it at the time. Clearly.

Above, I am rocking my sister's boyfriend's sunhat. I eventually bought one of my own (seen below) as it is sunny in sunny California, and he wanted to eventually get his hat back. The look is completed with my red polka-dot swimsuit, short shorts and some movie star shades (I wore contacts the whole trip because I wanted to wear movie star shades as much as possible due to their fabulousness and sunny California's sunniness).

After I got a pretty significant sunburn, I started covering my shoulders at the beach. So in two out of three beach photos, I am wearing shirts that belong to Robert, all of which I picked out for him... Gotta love doubling your wardrobe through shopping for your significant other. As I've stated before, I'm a sucker for a good man's shirt. I'm also a sucker for sunhats -- the one I'm wearing is my new favorite, bought on the Santa Monica Pier.

Robert did not get sunburned and did not need any of his shirts to cover up during his beach/ocean frolics. He declared the West coast beach to be truly delightful. (We used the word "delightful" a lot on the trip. So many things were simply delightful.)

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