Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Falling water

I have spent so much time in the mountains this summer. Can you blame me? The Appalachian Mountains are one of the most beautiful places on earth, and my parents bought a house there after retiring so of course I'm going to be doing a lot of visiting!

My whole family came together for some outdoorsy family fun last weekend. Stop one: Kayaking. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures because I was worried about water ruining my camera and decided to just live in the now, man. Stop two: hiking to a waterfall. I wore some sneakers, my staple summer shorts and a peasant top (love them) that looks just like another one I own, but I bought it anyway because it was $3.75 I love that other shirt and this one is slightly less cute, but also slightly more comfortable. I'm calling it a thrift store score.

It's okay to have two very similar tops if you love them! And they're not exactly the same. The other one is in this Disneyland post and is a little smaller with more white detailing. I've been peasant-blousing it up all summer!

Massive waterfall! This is the view from the top, and I couldn't get the entire falls in frame. It was quite a long way down. 

My adorable nephew Nate was not so sure about that long drop!

But he broke out a smile once his older sister sat next to him. 

They are such cuties! I love spending time with them! They're turning into such interesting people! We have great conversations about bugs and Legos and superheros. (Makayla, my four-year-old niece, also pointed out that I needed to shave my legs. Thanks Makayla! Way to be honest!)

I love spending time with you too, waterfall! Why is water so pretty when falling down rocks? It just is.

And to conclude this post, I'm throwing in some photos taken by Makayla while waiting for food at a restaurant. I'm hanging out with her ballerina doll, cheesing for the camera. Makayla's used to me taking 1,000 pictures of her, but now the tables have turned! I'd say she's not a bad photographer. She really captures the essence of me and the ballerina, don't you think?


Connie said...

She DID capture the essence of you! Lovely!

Jessica Cangiano said...

You can't be blamed in the slightest. I love the mountains deeply, too. Having grown up around them, I always felt a bit out of place as an adult if I didn't live nearby to some lofty peaks, and was so glad to return last year to a town that is lovingly sandwiched between plenty of hills on both sides.

♥ Jessica

Jessica said...

Great pictures. I agree with you the Appalachian Mountains are beautiful.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights
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Emmylou said...

Yes...Makayla did a great job with the pics(I love that name!) :) The kiddos are too cute:D
And I have multiples of a certain type of top that I love. If you like them, then why not, right?

libys11 said...

great way to get in touch with nature!! haven't been in any body of water this summer.. it sucks really.. thanks for at least filling that void with these posts!!! great post!

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Yvonne - Winter Moon said...

Such great images (yours and your nieces)- the waterfall looks refreshing.

Your niece and nephew are adorable : )

Mira said...

Wish I had a house there. So jealous ;-). Marvelous pics and cute casual look.

xx Mira


Sandra said...

goodness, what a beautiful place, I love waterfalls and that one is amazing - the little ones are super cute (I love their honesty, mine still are!) and the pictures of you with the ballerina are so sweet x

Blond Duck said...

It looks like such fun! Almost like a mountain fairy tale!

Sam said...

Wow, this is such a beautiful location! You look great hun and the little ones are so cute!

silvergirl said...

I love kayaking and white water rafting in the mountains of NC