Thursday, August 1, 2013

Two things

Let's talk about two things: My dog and my foyer.

There they are -- my dog and my foyer or, I guess, my dog in my foyer.

First of all, I'm pretty pleased that I am living a life that involves a foyer. This is my first foyer, and I so prefer having a foyer to having, I don't know, unruly roommates and a cement block front porch. Just sayin'.

Second of all, my dog has an awesome scarf made out of T-shirts created by my dog sitter (who is also a friend and really into DIY projects). My dog is hipper and cooler and more hipster-cool than I can hope to be.

Third of all, my foyer has this giant, very nice oriental rug in it. We inherited it. It matches the art that I did not inherit and instead picked up from consignment shops and thrift stores and artist friends who are awesome. I like this rug in the foyer. It makes me feel a little bit like a rich European lady even though I am only one of those three things (I am a lady. I am totally a lady.).

Fourth of all, part of me is not so sure about this rug. Do I like it? Do I really like it?

Fifth of all, all of me is absolutely sure about my dog. I love her so much, and she loves the rug because it makes it easy to grip the floor. With hardwood floors, she was always having traction problems and skittering about like a Looney Toons character. So the rug stays because the dog stays and no one wants to live in a Loony Toons cartoon. No one.


Yvonne - Winter Moon said...

Aww - your dog is adorable.

She likes the rug. I like the rug : )

Laura Go said...

Ohhhh that rug! It's gorgeous! And your wee pup is just adorable!

Emmylou said... your hipster dog:D And I like the rug!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Your pup is adorable!

libys11 said...

aawww.. love those images!!

Animated Confessions

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

Look at that adorable smile on that puppy.. she looks like a great cuddler .

Vix said...

I love that your dog is smiling! x

Anonymous said...

This is our first home that has not had a foyer and I rather miss having at least a small one. It would catch a little bit of dirt from people's shoes instead of bringing it right into the living room. *sigh* Oh well... maybe house #6 will have one. I can hope, right?

I love brassy in a woman too. No mamby pamby soft women appeal to me when it comes to friendships. Be bold or go home is my motto... well, sort of.

Oh I almost forgot. I like the rug!!

P.S. Why do you have word verification turned on?