Sunday, August 18, 2013

Loving lately

Lately I've been loving...

1. My husband wearing a bow tie. Loving it. (He wore it to The Lion King.)

2. Stealing said bow tie (Yes. It's a clip on. No judgment!) and clipping it to my dress. (Done in the comfort of my home after the performance, but I dig the pattern mixing!)

3. Clover

4. Setting up my classroom and getting ready for the school year. I am feeling really excited and positive.

5. Avocados. Oh yes.

6. Watching Breaking Pointe: Reality television about ballet? Why did I not already know about this? I am so addicted.

7. Watching dance documentaries to get my Breaking Pointe fix between Breaking Pointe episodes. My favorite: First Position. It made me cry. It follows young dancers competing for awards/scholarships at this giant event in New York. The stories are all fascinating, but I especially love Michaela, who was born in war-torn Sierra Leon and was adopted by white parents (her mother discusses racism in the dance world, and she's filmed staying up late at night dying "flesh colored" parts of ballet costumes darker for her daughter -- because "flesh colored" isn't really the color of everyone's flesh). It's just such a beautiful, moving documentary filled with gorgeous dancing and touching stories.

9. Buying tickets to see "Sleeping Beauty" because I am on a dance kick.

10. Big news: My sister got engaged!


VividVoltage said...

Next time you wear that dress, PLEASE wear the bowtie. What a fun and funky combo!

Killer dress, by the way.


Shybiker said...

It takes elan to wear a bowtie -- and your guy obviously has it. Very cool!

Lisa said...

do you watch Dr Who, he is a bow tie guru!
Congrats to your sister and her partner.
Lisa x

Anonymous said...

What do you teach???? Have we talked about this already? I feel like we may have and I can't remember?

I haven't watch The CW since Gilmore Girls went off the air.

Life of Mabel

Sandra said...

I adore bow ties! good luck for the new school year, a time of such promise x

Connie said...

Oh yes. Please wear that bowtie with that dress. Are you watching "Project Runway?" They did a great challenge with bow ties! I'm also watching "Breaking Pointe." I got hooked on it last season. Am I watching too much tv? Possibly...
Have a great school year. Those kids are so lucky to have you as a teacher.

Loulou said...

I watched Breaking Point not too long ago and cried too. So good. Congratulations to your sister. You have some exciting times ahead. In my family of 4 kids I am the only one to have had a wedding, so I envy people with family weddings coming up.

Anonymous said...

I adore your dress and hubby's bow tie! Best of luck in the new school year and also congrats to your sis. I have 3 great nieces who are young ballerinas; so fun and sweet to watch perform.
Have a wonderful week!

Jacqueline said...

right! must download breaking pointe. and yes! to the bow tie wearage. xox

Alicia Mackin said...

Oh yeah bow ties are great!! AndI am a BIG fan of Breaking Point.

Ali of

Dressing Ken

Jane said...

i love bow ties as well! although my husband doesn't wear them. i'll have to get him one :) and i loooved first position!! i was so blown away!