Thursday, October 10, 2013

Goats and a dog (and a dress and a jacket)

Yesterday on a walk, I was surprised to see all these goats hanging out in our small city. Goats are not a common sight here, and I was tickled pink. Tickled pink, I say! I enjoy a good goat sighting. Also, I am wearing a polka-dot dress, clogs and a nice blazer cause it's mildly chilly (woot!).

So the goats have apparently been rented by the city to clean up some kudzu (and clean up they did -- ate it all in a day as far as I can tell). That dog is the goat dog, and I love him so so so much, and he loves me too, you can tell in this picture. Sadly, there was an electric fence separating us.


Connie said...

Of course the dog loves you. He knows that you are the famous Ms. Polka Dots! Cute outfit and Love love love Mary Janes!

Thrifted Shift said...

Hooray for goat and dogs and being tickled pink!

Emmylou said...

That doggie does look like he loves you:D Anyhoo, really like that dress...can't go wrong with polka dots.

Melanie said...

I love goats. I love dogs. I love your outfit. And I love this post. That's all. Too bad about the fence.

Sandra said...

electric fences and love never mix well, which is a shame as Mr Goat Dog looks smitten with you! dotty dresses and Mary Janes make life good! x x

Jane said...

i like your blazer! and goats. i love goats and dogs! i love how that dog is longing to be by your side. awww. :)

Winter Moon said...

Love your outfit!

I think the dog does too :)

Ariane Lasalle said...

Thanks for linking up
I got into all your posts, i love your posts on famous actresses, artists - We have similar taste!
I love and love Maggie Smith, such a brilliant actress, i watched the prime of Miss Brodie so many time - Do you know Travel with my aunt? another fantastic film featuring Maggie -
I love My Fair Lady, love Yoko OnO

And i love your post on the goat and dog, so cute, poor dog he looks so sad -

We should have goats around here i tell you, they would have a feist!

Tks for linking up

Have a nice weekend

Ariane xo

daiseedeb said...

Cute clothing combo! And cute goats!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

cute and simple outfit! I can't WAIT for some cooler weather here!

Michaela said...

Woof woof! I like your blazer, I'm going more and more towards grey myself these days!