Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Style Icon: Clarissa who explained it all

I've discussed my love for the '90s and how I feel it was the perfect time to be a teen... One of the reasons for this feeling is Clarissa Darling, the girl who explained it all.

She was all over the place. Her style was disjointed, experimental, fun. She was a teen, and she was experimenting with fashion, and it was great to watch.

Clarissa: Wearing hipster glasses 20 years before it was cool.

She was very '90s alternative, never a prep (that was the worst thing to be unless you were Zach Morris), always cool. And the show was great too. She had that annoying little brother, and her best friend Sam, who was super-duper dreamy and came to her window with a ladder, climbing on in. (I was a major shipper for those two, but it never happened.)

And, okay, you could never say Clarissa's style was classic I mean, I suspect that even at the time it was a little... gawdy (although I swear there was a time in history when that side ponytail she's rocking in the first picture was considered totally awesome), but it was interesting and original, and, once again, fun. Oh Clarissa, she really did know it all


Jacqueline said...

I don't really know this show, but this girls style is really cool! xox

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I LOVED Clarissa! I wanted to be her SO bad!

Kristian said...

I loved this show too! Yeah, her style seemed guady to me (even at the time), but you love that she is out-there and experimental.

This is a fantastic series, by the way. I went back though your archives and really enjoyed them. Such an eclectic mix.