Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies is perfect television programming. It has whimsy, style, love and mysteries. It has weird aunts and beautiful dresses and pie lots and lots of pie.

I should also mention it's a very, very strange show, one of the strangest I've ever seen (hence my love for it). The main character is Ned, who has the ability to bring dead people (and plants and animals) back to life with a single touch (he touches that thing again and it goes back to being dead). He uses this power to bring fruit back to life and bake it into delicious, delicious pies. He also uses this power to bring murdered people back to life, find out who murdered them and then, along with the help of a private detective, put those murderers behind bars! (He has to touch the murder victims and put them back to death again because the universe tends to balance those things out, but there is one exception...)

He brought his dead true love Chuck (nickname for Charlotte) back to life. So then they're in love, but he can't touch her because she'll die. Talk about a tragic (and tragically funny) romance. Also: Everything Chuck wears is perfect. Also: Kristin Chenoweth stars in it as a tiny, sexy thing in love with Ned. Also: Chuck's two crazy aunts used to be synchronized swimming champs. Also: It is just the best show ever.

If you like Amelie or Penelope, you'll love this show. It has the same saturated style. Every scene is beautiful. Every plot is as quirky as quirky can be. Shamefully, it only lasted on season, but isn't that the way with the best shows? (I'm looking at you My So Called Life and Firefly). Ah well, at least we got a little slice of this fabulous pie!


Winter Moon said...

Hah - I loved this series : )

Sandra said...

it was a great show, I watched it and can't remember how it ended!? x x

Jane said...

holy, i so so remember this show! what a blast from the past :)

Helga! said...

It IS a lovely show!!! The outfits are sublime, and I am crazy for the Aunts. Haven't seen it all yet, though. XXX