Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More giant clothing

Look at my doggy run! Run, Sunshine, run!

I am wearing these wide-legged pants every chance I get. They make me feel like a cool kid circa 1977. (Sunshine's look is classic and timeless and does not evoke any particular decade.)

 My husband, like so many husbands and boyfriends (and wives and girlfriends) in the blog world, is my official photographer during outfit photos. His question when I asked him to take a picture of my shoes? "What shoes?"

Fair enough. But my fabulous side-lace boots do peak out just a bit here, and they sure did provide me a lot of warmth on that brisk, late-fall walk.

Both my striped shirt and sweater situation are thrifted. I love the combination a whole bunch. I'm carrying on with my wearing-of-giant-things trend that I have going this week. Giant things are so often comfortable things.

My dog really works with my outfit too. She makes the whole thing look very outdoorsy and comfy and sweet and adorable. Thanks, Sunshine! You always help me look good.


Connie said...

I LOVE giant clothes. So comfy cozy. You look so cute. Mary Kate & Ashley & Sarah. Adorable giant clothes wearing girls.

Sonya Mann said...

Awww, your pup is a cutie!

Giant things really are often comfortable. You make me want to try and pull off some wide-leg jeans too :3 And I love the vest/cardigan thingy. . . looks so cozy!

Sandra said...

Sunshine is gorgeous, and yes timeless! the jeans are very circa 1977 and very cool, great pics too x x x

Laura said...

that's a lovely&comfy outfit! x

Jane said...

i love wide-legged pants! and giant clothing too! so comfy! :)

Lisa said...

Great outfit, love a bit of slouchy comfort and stripes are a second love to polka dots!
Lisa x

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I have such a weakness for grey and black stripes! Cutie outfit!