Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Style Icon: Adriana La Cerva

Drea De Matteo played Adriana La Cerva on "The Sopranos," and she gave the show its heart. She also gave the show its Jersey-girl va-va-voom. Adriana was all about big hair, lots of makeup, tight clothes and a constant cigarette.

She was not shy or subtle, that girl. Get it, Adriana. Get it.

Adriana is often tacky, but in the best way. She's always fun to watch when she's on screen... no, I take that back, sometimes it's absolutely excruciating to watch her. The Sopranos can be a tough show. I'm still not over the Adriana plot. Still. Not. Over. It.

Like so many hot hotties, Adriana has rotten taste in men. I know you love him, but he's no good, Adriana! (You could also argue she has rotten taste in see-through zebra-print tops, but it's also kind of awesome, right? She's a mob chick! She's gotta wear a lot of gold and a lot of animal prints. It's in the contract.)

And while she was usually tacky, Adriana could get kind of classy. She was a knockout, that's for sure with great hair, excellent eye makeup, lots of gold crosses and a wardrobe that makes the goons watching her swoon.


Shybiker said...

Not only did I love "The Sopranos," I adored Adriana. She mesmerized me every time she came on. Her character was so interesting to watch. I secretly wanted to be like her at times, even though her flaws were apparent. The end she met was truly sad.

Sonya Mann said...

I looove tacky/trashy style. Anna Nicole Smith (RIP) was an icon in that vein, and now Courtney Stodden is constantly making me swoon :) It's not an aesthetic I feel that I can personally carry off, but definitely one I admire.