Monday, May 19, 2014

In black and white

I spent the weekend hanging out with one of my best buds, who traveled the 8 hours to NC to go to our friend's wedding. So I also spent the weekend celebrating another wedding. Weddings are great. I love them. They make me cry.

Black and white outfits are great too. When Robert saw Mary's outfit, he said "You're dressed like my wife!" What can I say? I do like polka-dots, skirts and cardigans, but I don't think I can claim them all to be mine.

Mary's always been a stripes girl, and I've always been a polka-dots girl so it's cute that we accidentally switched our "signature" patterns here. Good times with good friends!


peaches mcginty said...

Good times! you both look like you are having the best time and of course you both look awesome! x x x

Winter Moon said...

Aww, cute :)

Sonya Mann said...

You two look really happy together :)