Sunday, May 4, 2014

Style Icon: Albert Einstein

Mmkay, let's start with the basics: Bushy hair, bushy mustache, comfortable sweater and a pipe -- these are the elements of Albert Einstein style. 

A violin works in the place of a pipe in a pinch. A nice suit and tie is an alternative to a sweater. There is no alternative to the bushy hair and mustache. They are always, always a must.

Even in his youth, Einstein rocked the bushy hair and busy mustache, and look at that suit! Loving the pattern. I bet it's tweed.

Einstein was likely a self-actualized person -- independent, focused, full of creativity and spontaneity. You know all those blogs where they girls are looking cute on their bikes? Einstein was all over that decades and decades ago.

I like what Einstein has to say about energy, and I like what he has to say about teaching. I like that his popularity has made messy hair a moniker of intelligence.

Albert Einstein: the iconic absent-minded professor, the ultimate mustache-haver, a hero to us all.


Midnight Cowgirl said...

What a fun style inspiration!

Sonya Mann said...

This post made me so happy.