Sunday, May 11, 2014

Style Icon: Kurt from Glee

I mostly love "Glee." I mean, sometimes I hate "Glee," but I mostly love it. Something I always love and never hate? Kurt Hummel. (Note the polka-dots!)

He's always fashionable, always fabulous, and he's not afraid to try new trends. (Note the polka-dots take two!)

I like Kurt the most when he's dressed up and dapper. That hat, oh that hat! It's just everything. It works so well with the three-piece suit he's wearing. 

And while I prefer dapper, formal Kurt, I also enjoy casual Kurt. Hipster sunglasses shirt? Sure. Man bag? Absolutely. (Note the polka-dots take three!)

And the fact that Kurt is an outsider and not accepted by all, just makes his loud fashion even more awesome. You go, boy! Now sing us a showtune in your adorable falsetto!


Emmylou said...

I was HUGE GLEE fan before, but alas, haven't seen it in ages....I've always loved Kurt though.:)

Mrs. D said...

I love Kurt, my favourite from Glee!

Winter Moon said...

Kurt is a sweetie and has brilliant style :)