Monday, September 29, 2014

Olive you

In this outfit, I am accidentally matching my baby. It wasn't on purpose, but maybe next time it will be! I was like: Thomas's in olive... I'm in olive... We must take outfit photos!

On Mommy: Stripes and polka dots because that's a great combination. On Baby: Tiger overalls. That's right. Tiger overalls.

Thomas is wearing little white socks on his feet. I'm wearing my red moccasins. We are both working it. (Everything on me is eBay except the polka dots, which are from Old Navy. Thomas' outfit is thrifted except for those adorable little socks. Adorable!)


peaches mcginty said...

You both are rocking the outfits!! I am smitten with your little Thomas though! his tiger overalls?!! aren't they the sweetest! x x x

Isabella said...

This reminds me of how people in a couple start to dress alike when they've been together for a while :) You're both adorable, with your pattern-mixing and Thomas' tiger!


Sonya Mann said...

I need tiger overalls.