Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Style Icon: Emily Valentine

My parents wouldn't let me watch 90210 because, you know, scandal, but I did sneak an episode or two in here and there, and I loved me some Emily Valentine.

She wasn't on the show that long. Not like Donna or Kelly or Brandon, but she was sure memorable. She was the troubled girl who romanced Brandon (and then she really went off the rails). She was so unlike those other 90210 girls. She was cool.

 She had bleached blonde hair with obvious roots. She wore leather a lot and her jeans had holes in them.

She was very boyish, but also very beautiful. You didn't see that a lot on 90210.

Whether she was cozying up with Brandon, leaving him poisoned cakes (Do I remember that right? Or they just thought it might be poisoned because she was a crazy pants?) or setting fire to a high school float (I'm pretty sure I have that part right. That's hard to forget.), Emily Valentine did it in (boyish and tough) style.


Emmylou said...

90210 rocks!!!! I never missed an episode:D Emily wasn't a fave, but now, looking back, she did have a great style.

Winter Moon said...

Wow! I remember this series, great style icon! :)