Monday, October 12, 2015

In black and white (and color)

I used to love windy, rainy Saturdays. They were once my favorite kind of day. But, man, windy, rainy Saturdays make it a lot harder for me to keep my baby boy happy. This kid wants to be outside! And we've had a slew of rainy Saturdays, and I'm over it! Mommy and Tommy want to go play! (When we named Thomas, we said he would only ever be Thomas, never Tommy or Tom, but I break the rule when I talk about us having "Mommy and Tommy time" because rhyming is the best.)

These black and white pants are like pajama bottoms. And that striped shirt is nice and roomy and comfy too. (Also I might be over-wearing the brown clogs. They're just really nice in wet weather!) Thomas is looking a-mah-zing. His little moccasins and jeans are thrifted. I bought his shirt on Target online because it was the cutest, and I couldn't not.

Star Wars! My husband is the one who's supposed to be the geek, but I'm the one who loves Star Wars (the early movies, obviously). How cute is he? These pictures were taken during a nice, brief break in the rain. We decided to make use of it in the park. It was really, really lovely. Thomas just walked around and picked up leaves and threw them down. We saw a hawk flying in the sky. He pointed at all the dogs who walked by. 

I don't know. Sometimes I feel like I need more of a social life or I feel pangs of jealousy when talking with twenty-something co-workers who are footloose and fancy free, but mostly I just love my life the way it is. I love spending time with Thomas. He's so fun! He's so full of smiles. Like, he's really just a joyful person, and we have such a good time together.

 I think he went through another growth spurt, and his toddling has turned into expert walking. It kills me how old he is! When you're just an adult living your life, time is kind of chill and slow. When you have a fragile, beautiful, growing kiddo, you suddenly become hyper-aware of how temporal everything is, don't you? It makes you kind of a crazy person, but it also makes you a really grateful person. Children, man. They're the best. Time is fleeting. Enjoy their youth.


Winter Moon said...

Aww, he's grown so fast and is absolutely adorable ♥

Lisa said...

I love autumnal walks in the park. Rainy days and welly boot walks are good too, unless it's really windy. In that case I'd favour staying in.
Wearing stripes for any activity though!
Lisa x