Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Second-hand Sarah

There is a teacher at my school who has just really stunning style. "I think she shops at the stores I search for on eBay," I told my co-teacher. 

One such store? Anthropologie. It is such a rich lady's store. I've gone in and tried on clothes (with baby in tow even) at the actual bricks and mortar store, but I've never bought anything. I'm just too cheap. I just can't. Maybe for a really special occasion? But maybe not. I totally admire friends who buy pricey, but quality clothing sparingly and have that mythic "capsule wardrobe." Me? I spent too many years broke and thrifting like crazy. I am now addicted to second-hand and have unrealistic expectations about how much things should cost.

Maybe some day that will change, but maybe not. Pictured above: My new-to-me Anthropologie shirt bought through eBay. It is so so pretty. It is wearable art. It is my new boyfriend. I just can't with it. Love it. And I bought it for probably 1/3 of the original retail price. Treasure hunting at its best!

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Lisa said...

Pretty top and lovely swishy skirt.
I love the thrill of buying from charity shops and car boots, you never know what may turn up.
Lisa x