Monday, November 9, 2015

Loving It

1. I love his little baby face so much.

2. Fall leaves. The best.

3. Thomas now likes books. We've read them to him his whole life, but now, he brings them to me and points at the pictures and turns the pages.

4. And I only recently realized how up-in-books this kid is because I've been putting together a photo album, and there are a lot of photos of him with books. (But let's be clear: Balls are his number one love and his number one word and his number one favorite thing in the world.)

5. And finally, the husband and I went to a wedding of a sweet friend of ours, and it was gorgeous, and we had a fun date night. Yay marriage!


Connie said...

Ooooo. How cute is your little book worm!

Lisa said...

Never too young to have a love of books, all those wonderful stories to discover.
Lisa x