Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Style Icon: Karen Elson

Karen Elson (the model turned musician) is Grace Coddington (the model turned creative editor for Vogue) 2.0. Or she's the sequel to Grace Coddington. Or Grace Coddington Jr.

See? Big red hair. Super pale skin. Superb! I think redheads are just so gorgeous. Just in general. Super red hair is a fashion statement in and of itself.

So she has red hair and pale skin and wears cool vintage clothes and designs shoes and makes music and marries and divorces Jack White. That is what Karen Elson does. (I love that she and Jack White had a party celebrating their divorce... although things seem to have gone south since then between the two.)

She looks so fab with her fancy dresses and guitar singing her songs. In general, I'm unimpressed with models, but there are a few I really enjoy. Karen Elson is one of them. She's not conventional. She's kind of weird looking, and I like that.

And, again, she's all big red hair and pale skin. That's really a winning combo in my book. (And now I sort of want to dye my hair. I've been red before. Should I go red again? Hmm...)

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Lisa said...

That last photo is stunning, her hair is an amazing colour.
Lisa x