Friday, January 6, 2012

The adventure begins

I just finished my student-teaching orientation, and let me tell you this: I will have no life for the next four months. Or: I should have no life for the next four months because I want to be successful. When I told Robert we weren't going to go out of town between February and May (or at least I'm not), he laughed in my face. (Just to clarify: Robert laughed in my face in a very supportive "Let's be honest, I know you" way.) It's true: We like our weekend trips. We have a lot of family. We have never gone three months without going out of town. It is likely we actually will go out of town. But if/when we do go out of town, I'll be lugging a lot of work with me.

In other news: I have a new, steady freelance gig, which also increases my workload and I have an additional class at the university and I have to take the Praxis and by "take" I also mean "pass." I am nervous, people. When will I fit in the dog park?! I LOVE the dog park. Where is thrift shopping in this equation? (I'm going to count both dog park and thrift shopping as stress relief necessary for my sanity. They fit into the "stress relief" part of this equation.)

But it will all be fine. It's always fine. It will be exciting! I'm moving toward becoming a licensed teacher! I'm following my calling! (That's right. I said it: Calling.) And I recently thrifted a whole lot of cute cardigans to perfect my school marm look (and I'm working on getting a nice Marion-the-Librarian bun thing going too). There is just so much to look forward to.

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sonjastutu said...

We will have to compare 'Marion-the-Librarian' buns. I am rockin' one right now with a dress, cardigan, tights, boots, and glasses.