Monday, October 8, 2012


It's fall! Fall, fall the very best season of all! I love fall so much. I love its weather and holidays and the pumpkin-flavored-ness of things. I also love fall clothes. Sweaters, people! It is time for sweaters!

This Sunday had that awesome in-between weather that allowed for a crazy shorts/sweater combo. I'm living on the edge, I know.

I bought this most-excellent over-sized men's sweater when the weather was warm, and I daydreamed about the day I could wear it. Pictured: dreams becoming a reality.

Here are my second pair of Danskos. They arrived this weekend, and they're pretty awesome. I am all about some comfortable footwear, and I am all about buying said comfortable footwear on eBay for half the price of a new pair.

Hey look! I have bangs! And a sour expression! Cheer up, lady, your bangs are awesome. And so is your over-sized sweater. If you're feeling chilly, just go inside and make yourself some pumpkin-flavored coffee. I promise you'll feel better.


Eleni said...

Hooray for new hair a grungy jumpers! I loev the whole look, and am a life-long fan of comfy shoes and autumn :)

Lisa said...

I LOVE your hair! It's so cute! I have fantasies of cutting mine off just about that length.
I love stripes too. Yep. It's sweater time here too.

Jamie Rose said...

I absolutely love fall too and I'll eat anything pumpkin flavored around this time of year! Your oversized sweater looks so nice and comfy too!