Thursday, October 25, 2012

Things I've been loving lately...

Things I have been loving lately include but are not limited to: 

Green curry. I made it. It was yum. It had a ton of tofu in it. Tofu is your friend. At least, it's my friend.

Celebrating the birthday of another Sara. (She spells her name without an h. We are friends even though she totally spells her name wrong.) She shared her creme brulee. That's the kind of lady you want to keep around.

Robert went to IKEA and bought a ton of tupperware. He then got rid of all our mismatched tupperware. We now only have matching tupperware in our home. This man brings peace to my life.

My best friend Sherrie sent me a picture postcard of herself and her husband on the Appalachian trail. She's hiking the whole thing. THE WHOLE  THING. That is so much trail! Six months of trail! She is awesome.


Melanie said...

Tofu is my friend - I eat it every day, not a very friendly thing to do, I know, but she doesn't really complain. Now you have a modern home with matching tupperware. Good luck to your hiking friends! I commented on the last one too but I think I failed the word test and ran away before I got my score. :(

Kezzie said...

Mmmmmmm, I love tofu too! Lots of it! You know what's even better? Tempeh!!!!!